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‘Play of the year’ Time Out

Following a five star, sold out run at the Royal Court Theatre, Jez Butterworth's epic new play THE FERRYMAN transferred to the West End. Directed by Sam Mendes, THE FERRYMAN has received unanimous critical acclaim being called “an instant classic” (Independent) and “the hottest of hot tickets” (Guardian).

Northern Ireland, 1981. The Carney farmhouse is a hive of activity with preparations for the annual harvest. A day of hard work on the land and a traditional night of feasting and celebrations lie ahead. But this year they will be interrupted by a visitor.

‘A shattering feast of intricate storytelling’ Evening Standard'

Strictly limited season from 20 June, 2017

Recommended Age: 14+ Contains Strong Language

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Gielgud Theatre Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W1D 6AR

View Seat Plan

Nearest Tube: Piccadilly Circus

Access description: One 10cm step up into the foyer, through swing doors. Box Office on the right. There is a sofa in the foyer. Handrails on both sides of staircases. All steps are highlighted. Dress Circle up 3 steps (2 steep steps between rows). Ramp available to give level access to front of Dress Circle. 20 steps down to the Stalls and 30 up to the Upper Circle from an entrance on Shaftesbury Avenue to the right of the main foyer entrance. The upper circle also has two steep steps between each row.

Sound Amplification: Sennheiser infra-red system with 15 headsets + 2 which attach tp haring aides – collect your headsets from the cloakroom: name and address required. The best reception is in the front area of all levels of the auditorium. Induction loop at the Box Office.

Guide Dogs: Guide dogs are permitted inside the auditorium. Alternatively, staff are happy to dog-sit for 2 guide dogs per performance.

Disabled Access: Entrance to the auditorium is through the third side EXIT door on Rupert Street. Ask a member of staff to open this for you. One 12cm step up to the front of the Dress Circle. Venue suitable for scooters. B5 + B30 are wheelchair spaces. Companions to be seated in B6 + B29. Seats on the end of row B also act as transfer seats.

Toilets: 16 steps up to the women's and men's from the foyer. There are toilets situated on all levels of the auditorium.

Disabled Toilets: Adapted toilet in foyer near the bar

Gielgud Theatre Seat Plan

Please see below the seating plan for Gielgud Theatre showing The Ferryman. For ease of viewing we have implemented a magnified view of the seating area. All you need to do is just scroll the mouse over the seating plan.

The Ferryman Photos

Before you buy the tickets to The Ferryman, it’s a great idea to take a sneak peak at the photo gallery of this fantastic West End production. Nothing compares it to the real thing and watching it live on stage, but atleast it does give you an idea of exactly what’s in store for you and what to expect. The Ferryman is one of West End’s finest productions and these images will surely give you a real flavour of the actual show. If these have whetted your appetite, then click on the book tickets button and get booking now for The Ferryman. Hope you have a fantastic time when you see it at the Gielgud Theatre.

The Ferryman Videos

Take advantage of our great deals on tickets to The Ferryman playing at the Gielgud Theatre. But before you buy the tickets to The Ferryman, it’s a great idea to take a look at the video promo of this fantastic West End production. Nothing compares it to the real thing and watching it live on stage, but atleast it gives you an idea of what’s in store for you and what to expect.

The Ferryman is one of West End’s finest productions and this video will surely give you a real flavour of the actual show. Book your cheap tickets now to The Ferryman at the Gielgud Theatre. Hope you have a splendid time.

The Ferryman Customer Feedback

2017-10-23 We had great seats in the stalks for the Saturday matinee performance. The play is definitely one of the best things we have seen at the theatre. Very memorable and thought provoking. Lovely old theatre- the staff were particularly helpful and friendly.
2017-10-22 Good play and well staged slightly marred by an appalling sound system. We went on 21st October and I sat in row Q seat 24. There was an dodgy microphone somewhere down stage left which resulted in echoes in the stall speakers. There was also a degree of inaudible speech more generally. Your sound technician needs to urgently look into this. Regards
2017-10-22 Totally absorbing and though provoking. Just brilliant!
2017-10-21 V powerful and thought provoking. Acting was terrific.
2017-10-21 Overall, this is a very superior play, tautly scripted and directed, powerfully acted, and capturing the forthright dynamism of Northern Irish speech patterns and interpersonal relations. I am not Northern Irish, but I had several long visits there, from childhood in the late sixties through to the naughties, staying with family in Befast and 'up the country'. My people were on the protestant side of the fence, but the bitter fervour of historical wounds and tribal prejudices in the play was nevertheless vividly familiar, as was the sometimes spooky suspiciousness about who might or might not be up to what under cover of darkness. One of my great aunts was a loyalist photo-negative of the bitter nationalist Aunty Pat in the play, and the single set, a farmhouse kitchen, could easily have been that of my country cousins in the 1970s. So it rings true to time and place. I debated about four stars versus five. I thought the Hobson's choice faced by the priest two dimensional in both script and performance. However, the slow working through of of the subterranean love triangle over the course of the play was superb, and easily worth five stars. So too the thrashing out of the extremist versus moderate approaches to nationalism during the late-night drinking bout of the younger men. The final climactic scene pulling the various threads together was powerful theatre by any standards - except those of the rest of this play itself. It left me faintly disappointed by teetering on the edge of gratuitous melodrama. But I joined the standing ovation along with the rest for the overall performance.
2017-10-21 Loved the show, great play, but being in the back of the stalls, I missed some of the dialogue, especially the children.
2017-10-21 Excellent play. Very moving. Although it could be a little shorter without affecting the impact. Some actors were quite hard to hear - perhaps due to inexperience - but for the most part the children were delightful.
2017-10-20 Good play with a great cast but too long. Just needed 25 mins trimmed off it I thought
2017-10-19 Brilliant script, direction and ensemble playing
2017-10-19 I am a 50+ year old woman from Norn Iron and had reservations about going to see this. I have to say that it completely took me by surprise - the little nuances that only(I thought !) someone who had lived through the Troubles could ever "get". Such a powerful production and ALL the cast were outstanding. The accents were brilliant and I loved it! Not because I lived through it - Jez Butterworth and the cast have somehow encapsulated exactly what our lives were like then. FANTASTIC!....Really. Can't actually say enough about it as I was left speechless after it and as you know that never happens to anybody from NI. THANK YOU.
2017-10-19 Very thought provoking. Many different issues highlighted.
2017-10-19 brilliant production, superb set, fab acting, it made us laugh and cry - have recommended it to many friends. Well worth travelling from Anglesey to see it.
2017-10-19 Wonderful writing, good acting, suitable staging, thought provoking and emotional
2017-10-18 Wonderful great acting & plot
2017-10-17 Good script acting Good bal comedy/drama Only problem was seat A13 Told Thestre tickets am 2 metres tall - but no leg room there So very uncomfortable
2017-10-16 Totally absorbing and relevant to those living in London during the "troubles". Characters all very plausible and convincing.
2017-10-16 I actually bought the ticket for an American friend. She enjoyed it enormously - is an ex |Ambassador so understood the plot - appeared not to have any problem with the difficult lingo.
2017-10-15 Great play , well acted , my only west end pick
2017-10-15 intense performance....good storytelling....and provactive
2017-10-15 Amazing production, direction, acting , sets, etc.playright brilliant
2017-10-15 Fantastic writing and acting. So much to think about, it surprised me and enlightened me.
2017-10-14 It was a really good production all around.
2017-10-14 Great play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2017-10-12 This was the most amazing play I have seen in ages. Brilliantly written, superb acting, wonderful scenery. The audience was totally gripped throughout. You could have heard a pin drop! I am nearly seventy years old, and have been a regular theatre goer throughout those years, and never have I enjoyed a play as much as 'The Ferryman.' Everyone involved needs congratulating. I have already been recommending it to friends.
2017-10-12 The seats were very poor in view of the price paid. My wife and I had trouble hearing some of the script from where we were seated. My wife and daughter both complained about the lack of adequate women's loos. From what we heard of the play itself, it was very good.

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