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Directed by David Turner, Mousetrap is one of the best theatrical experiences one can possibly have. With the curtains of Mousetrap opening to reveal a mystery filled, drama fueled murderous plot, the show’s appeal lies with its execution. The witty dialogues and immaculate acting performances have taken this play a notch above the rest. Set in the backdrop of Monkswell Manor, the show stages the mysterious murder plot of a newlywed couple who come to enjoy the guesthouse service in the ramshackle old Manor inherited by the wife which on the face value is a guest house but in reality is nothing more than a mousetrap set by a monstrous murderer.

Based on the novel of world renowned fiction and crime writer Agatha Christie, Mousetrap entraps its audiences with its mysterious magnetism that is hard to resist. The show with its unparalleled fame and unprecedented success is the West End’s longest and most successful play. Mousetrap as a stage play that has been a theatrical phenomenon longer than anyone imagined was first premiered at the Theatre Royal, Nottingham on 6 October 1952 and since then it has been appealing to audiences of all kinds and has remained to be the most liked play of all.

With its timeless appeal and clever plot, Mousetrap as a remarkable theatrical phenomenon, is here to stay stronger than ever.

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St Martin's Theatre West Street, London, WC2H 9NZ

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Nearest Tube: Leicester Square

Access description: 3 shallow steps up from the pavement through double swing doors into the foyer. Box Office counter to left. Staircases have handrails on both sides. Steps are highlighted. 5 steps to the back of the Dress Circle and 2 steps between rows. 29 steps down to front of Stalls. Theatre open 30 mins before performance. Access Guides available on request.

Sound Amplification: Infra-red systems. You will be asked for a deposit. Please book in advance.

Guide Dogs: Guide dogs are allowed in the auditorium or staff will dog-sit by prior arrangement with the management. Dogs will be looked after in the Manager’s office.

Disabled Access: There is 1 space for wheelchair users in Box C at Dress Circle level and 1 wheelchair space in the Dress Circle. Removable ramp up 5 steps to Box C and Dress Circle – staff will assist. Your wheelchair will be raised on a small platform to enable you to see over the parapet. Your companion can be seated next to you. Transfer possible to aisle seats in the Dress Circle – wheelchairs stored in Royal Room corridor. For the sake of Health & Safety it is advisable for wheelchair users to bring an able-bodied companion with them.

Toilets: Toilets located a few steps up from back of Stalls, at Dress Circle and at Upper Circle. An additional Ladies' toilet is situated off the foyer.

Disabled Toilets: Adapted toilet outside Box C in the Dress Circle

St Martin's Theatre Seat Plan

Please see below the seating plan for St Martin's Theatre showing Mousetrap. For ease of viewing we have implemented a magnified view of the seating area. All you need to do is just scroll the mouse over the seating plan.

Mousetrap Review


Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap has been on the stage as long as the Queen has been on the throne. Half a century ago, it opened in the West End on 25th November 1952, which means it has been running for 59 years making it the world’s longest running play - an astonishing accomplishment for any play and one that the producers are rightly proud of. The play has been seen by more than 10 million people, been performed in 45 countries around the world and been translated into 24 languages. Doubtless, The Mousetrap is a little piece of history.

So what is the show’s success?

Agatha Christie’s fame has played its part in this show’s achievement. In the 1950’s, Christie’s books were regularly in the top sellers’ list. It was hardly unexpected that a play, which has never been published or turned into a movie or TV program, should draw ardent admirers. Since that preliminary eagerness the show has now become one of the ‘elementary things to do’ on many a tourists to-do list - go to Buckingham Palace, visit the Tower of London and see ‘The Mousetrap’.

The play, set in a Monkswell Manor, begins auspiciously with a newly married young couple who has started a guesthouse service in the ramshackle old Manor inherited by the wife. Enter a peculiar hodgepodge of characters for the opening weekend of business, followed quickly by a heavy blizzard which leaves all stranded and infuriated. Moods sour further when a skiing police sergeant shows up and reveals that there is a murderer amongst them - one who has already struck once and has designs on two of them. But how are they all connected? Who is the murderer and who the next victim? How well do they all know each other anyway, even the happy couple? The English Manor setting with a fireplace, sofas, an authentic oak table, with doors leading to a drawing room, the dining room and even a staircase to the bedrooms upstairs – is a perfect setup for a Cluedo style who-killed-who thriller.

Like any good murder mystery, Mousetrap is full of culpable characters, each just as guilty as the others. The play is also known for its twist ending. By tradition, at the end of each performance, audiences are asked not to reveal the identity of the killer to anyone outside the theatre, to ensure that the end of the play is not spoiled for future audiences. Christie was always upset by the plots of her works being revealed in reviews.

The Mousetrap is one of those plays that emphasized on the dialogue rather than visual effects. The play has also made theatrical history by having an original "cast member" survive all the cast changes since its opening night. The late Deryck Guyler can still be heard, via a recording, reading the radio news bulletin in the play to this present day. The set has been changed in 1965 and 1999, but one prop survives from the original opening – the clock which sits on the mantelpiece of the fire in the main hall.

So if you want to find out whodunit, you'll have to go. It's not the most breathtaking evening but that may be a small price to pay to become a part of the history.

Mousetrap Photos

Before you buy the tickets to Mousetrap, it’s a great idea to take a sneak peak at the photo gallery of this fantastic West End production. Nothing compares it to the real thing and watching it live on stage, but atleast it does give you an idea of exactly what’s in store for you and what to expect. Mousetrap is one of West End’s finest productions and these images will surely give you a real flavour of the actual show. If these have whetted your appetite, then click on the book tickets button and get booking now for Mousetrap. Hope you have a fantastic time when you see it at the St Martin's Theatre.

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Take advantage of our great deals on tickets to Mousetrap playing at the St Martin's Theatre. But before you buy the tickets to Mousetrap, it’s a great idea to take a look at the video promo of this fantastic West End production. Nothing compares it to the real thing and watching it live on stage, but atleast it gives you an idea of what’s in store for you and what to expect.

Mousetrap is one of West End’s finest productions and this video will surely give you a real flavour of the actual show. Book your cheap tickets now to Mousetrap at the St Martin's Theatre. Hope you have a splendid time.

Mousetrap Customer Feedback

2017-10-19 A great classic mystery!!
2017-10-18 Saw Mousetrap in London in 1985 and again in 2017, thought the special effects and acting was much better, have also kept the ending a secret for all that time, great concept and great story.
2017-10-16 The show rocked! Cast was fantastic, super cozy scenery in a great, historic theater! A truly British experience.
2017-10-15 Brilliant show, absolutely loved it!!
2017-10-15 This show really is a Great British Institution! We were glad to see it and find out what it is all about. Very well acted and never boring, we both enjoyed it from start to finish. I couldn't award it five stars as personally I prefer more contemporary musicals, but it was very well acted and presented, and deserves its position as the world's longest running play!
2017-10-15 Sehr schöne Aufführung in einem wunderschönen Theater. Very old-fashioned and stylish.
2017-10-11 No xxxxx ,,,, eeee.pop,pop,pop,
2017-10-11 This is the happiest my mum and dad have ever looked coming home from what ever they saw,so thanks looks like they had a amazing time.
2017-10-11 Clever storyline and polished performances - but not exceptional.
2017-10-09 From the moment we stepped into the theater we felt transported back in time. The atmosphere, decor, set and actors each added to our experience of an authentic British “who-done-it.”
2017-10-08 In spite of long run it was fresh and actors seemed commited
2017-10-08 Fantastic show, lovely theatre, great cast.
2017-10-07 My daughter and her room mate absolutely loved it !
2017-10-06 Nice theatre and professional host. The play was nice especially the second part. A classic play that will leave you without a complaint.
2017-10-06 Suspense. Good acting and dialog. Funny in parts.
2017-10-05 Great show for all ages and interest!
2017-10-03 thoroughly enjoyable and good performance
2017-10-02 Simple but entertaining..
2017-10-02 Brilliant piece of nostalgia!
2017-10-01 Perfect,show was fantastic
2017-09-30 Brilliant cast- kept us gripped throughout.
2017-09-27 Enthralling play all the way to the end! My family and I were trying to guess who was the murderer and that kept us so engaged in the play. I would recommend to others for sure.
2017-09-26 As an overall experience, it was a very fun thing to do. We very much enjoyed the Theatre setting and the play itself was one of those classic sort of cheesy, touristy attractions that did not disappoint .

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