London Bridge Experience and Tombs

2-4 Tooley Street, London, SE1 2SY

“The London Bridge Experience and Tombs – Voted the UK Scariest Year Round Scare Attraction for the last five years – is a 2 part attraction combining interactive character led fun with a trip through 2000 years history of London Bridge and the surrounding area.

Intended as a tongue in cheek yet interesting day out for groups and individuals alike the experience takes guests through the story of the very first bridge inception, a thrilling insight into Boudicca battle with the Romans, and the gruesome story of the fate that became those who would betray the Monarch by the ultimate sin – treason, - hung drawn and quartered and with their head tarred and spiked on a stick guests will leave knowing that they definitely don’t want that fate to befall them.

The bridge burned and fell many times, experience the horror of being trapped on the bridge before escaping into The Star Inn – it’s a rip roaring time in this pub, even more so when that old rogue Jack the Ripper makes an entrance. To ensure that your insides don’t end up on your outside take a trip through the time tunnel but beware what awaits at the other end…

For those who dare, enter the London Tombs, designed to scare, horrify and worry even the hardest of men.

The London Tombs – a genuine former plague pit – is terrorised by the ones that shouldn’t be spoken about, with their masks and depraved minds it is unsure if the real is real at all and the impossible is true indeed! Take flight with friends and don’t let go as the clowns who smile attempt to kill and the chainsaw maniac attempts to keep you in his lair!

Although not for the faint hearted, this is an attraction that ticks all the boxes. Funny, historical, creepy but overall horrifyingly educational fun.

Age Restrictions: Child Ticket: 5-14years
Children aged 4 and under are given free entry to the London Bridge experience. Children under the age of 11 are advised to ask for our guardian angel tour before entering the London Tombs. There is no age restriction, however children up to the age of 14 must be accompanied by a supervising adult.

The London Tombs contains flash and strobe lighting and is not suitable for young children under the age of 11. Children aged 11 years+ will be admitted only when accompanied by an adult.

Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday: 10am-5pm off peak and 10am-6pm in peak. Peak season is all school holiday periods.

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  • Nearest Tube: London Bridge