Theatre productions to display social distancing on stage at the West End

Published Thu, 2 April 2020

As the whole world is facing the challenge of countering COVID-19 by practising ‘Social distancing’ and other safety measures, it has been announced by a majority of the West End productions to include social distancing in stage performances, in order to show unanimity once the theatre activities are resumed.

To avoid the overwhelming of the health system and to slow down the spread of Corona Virus, people are repeatedly advised to stay at their homes and avoid social gatherings and crowded places like bars, markets and theatres. Therefore, theatres in the West End are closed as well as theatres all around the globe to support the safety measure against COVID-19.

Theatre productions at the West End aim at showing harmony and encouragement to people who are self-quarantined in their own homes and practicing necessary health initiatives in this time of global health emergency. It has been announced to display social distancing means in their theatre stories whenever the theatrical activities are back at the
West End

Here are the exclusive plans by some productions:

The Book Of Mormon
The missionaries in the show will connect and interact through Zoom meetings.

In this show, the students of Crunchem Hall Elementary School will be home-schooled.

Come From Away
The sanitising of cod will be displayed for 20 seconds after every kiss in the show.

9 to 5, The Musical
The title song by Dolly Parton is recreated by calling it Working (From Home) 9 to 5.

It has been decided that the cast of Six will stay 6 feet away from each other throughout the show.

In this show, the first episode of The Corny Collins show will be a special edition recorded at home, live-streamed on Instagram.

The Phantom of the Opera
The very famous mask of the phantom will be removed and a protective face mask will be used instead, in the show.

It is indicated by the producers that such exercise of social distancing will continue on stage for quite some time to say the least.