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Film Based

The Vaults Theatre
Launcelot Street , London, SE1 7AD

Important Information
Suitable for Ages 18+.  This show contains strong language, violence and dragons
Monday - -
Tuesday - 19:00
Wednesday - 19:00
Thursday - 19:00
Friday - 19:00
Saturday - 19:00
Sunday - 19:00
  • Running Time: 3 hours. Bar open until late after performance on Fridays and Saturdays
  • Booking Until: Sun, 14 July 2019

"It’s a delightful, zany celebration of all things Thrones, successfully pricking at the show’s more pompous elements, while honouring the twists and turns that made us fall in love with it in the first place." 

The Telegraph

It is the blessed Day of Marriage between the heir to the Several Kingdoms, Jaffery Bearathon, and Margarine, the beautiful daughter of the noble Trywell family. You, the Lords and Ladies of Easteros, are invited to eat, drink, laugh and celebrate with us.

But be warned: should there be murder in the air, you will be forced to choose a Kingdom: you must pledge your allegiance to the rightful heir to the throne. To which sigil are you truly loyal? Because your loyalty will have some very real consequences to your dinner plans. 

The Vaults’ next immersive dining experience is a parody of your favourite TV series, mixing fabulous food, theatre, comedy and an unhealthy dose of murder. Whilst enjoying your sumptuous feast in our underground tunnels, you must also be prepared to tell lies, take risks and trust no one. Will you stay loyal to your beloved Prince Jaffery, or would you rather serve your own ends?

Murder is in the air, so don't leave the table as Dinner is Coming.


Valryian translation

Ziry iksos se blessed tubis hen diniluks r? se prince naejot se several dar?ti, jaffery bearathon, se margarine, se gevie tala hen noble trywell lentor. Ao, se lords se abri hen easteros, issi invited naejot ipradagon, mozugon, sopagon se celebrate rusir ilva. Yn sagon warned: should konir sagon ossenagon isse se air, ao jahor sagon forced naejot iderebagon nykea darion: ao lis pledge aoha allegiance naejot se dreje prince naejot se demalion. Naejot skore sigil issi ao dreji pazavor? Kesrio syt aoha pazavorve jahor emagon mirri olvie real consequences naejot aoha dinner k?vana. Se vaults’ hembar immersive dining experience iksos nykea parody hen aoha favourite tv series, mixing fabulous havor, theatre, comedy se nykea unhealthy dose hen ossenagon. Whilst enjoying aoha sumptuous havor isse ilva underground tunnels, ao lis also sagon prepared naejot ivestragon pirtra, gurogon risks se pasagon daorys. Jahor ao umbagon pazavor naejot aoha beloved prince jaffery, nykea would ao rather dohaeragon aoha own ends? Ossenagon iksos isse se air, sir ?dra daor henujagon se qurdon hae dinner iksos mazis.

The Vaults Theatre

Launcelot Street , London, SE1 7AD

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The Vaults is London’s home for immersive theatre and alternative arts. Their mission is to collaborate and conspire, embracing artists from all walks of life to come together and inspire others.
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