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Ashcroft Theatre
Park Lane, Croydon. , London, CR9 1DG

Monday - 19:45
Tuesday - 19:45
Wednesday 14:30 19:45
Thursday - 19:45
Friday - 19:45
Saturday 14:30 19:45
Sunday - -
  • Running Time: TBC
  • Booking Until: Sat, 5 October 2019

Angela’s Ashes – The Musical makes its UK premiere in this major musical adaptation of Frank McCourt’s memoir. The story is brought to life in this emotional telling of a childhood in Limerick and beyond, featuring unforgettable songs and melodies, told with rare lyricism and a warm inimitable sense of humour.

As his parents struggle to provide for him and his brothers in 1940s Ireland, we follow young Frank’s escapades and experiences in a Dickensian landscape peopled by a drunken father, a helpless mother, pompous priests, bullying schoolmasters and money-lenders culminating in his defiant escape to a new life in America.

A haunting score adds to the emotional impact and the humour of the story. Angela’s Ashes has that rare gift of bringing an audience to tears one minute, laughing out loud the next – by turns, deeply moving and riotously funny, this heartwarming musical promises to be one of the major theatrical events.


"...only the hardest of heartstrings could fail to be tugged"

Sunday Business Post

Winning radiates confidence"

The Irish Times

"Angela's Ashes - The Musical is the best kind of theatre; it pokes, it prods, it excites, it delights, it uplifts; it touches the soul and the heart and the mind. I belly-laughed, I cried; I was transported"

Sunday Independent

Ashcroft Theatre

Park Lane, Croydon. , London, CR9 1DG

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