The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

Published Thu, 28 July 2022

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe is a classic story that has been loved by generations and is now a West End theatre show!

The show is open now and runs until January 2023 at the Gillian Lynn theatre on Drury Lane, London.

The production images that have just been released give glimpses of just how beautiful the show is. The oversized costumed lion, Aslan,  gives a hint of The Lion King about the show, but with a fresher feel.

The White Witch floats across the stage swamped in fabric that moves with her, giving her a real villain aesthetic that is breath-taking.

The story of the four children who discover a world inside a wardrobe is something many of us are familiar with, but this new take has something really special about it. We can't wait to watch the story unfold in front of us on stage.

The cast is wonderfully diverse and features actors from all different ethnic backgrounds, another reason why this show is a fresh watch for 2022!

The cast features Samantha Womack as the White Witch, alongside Ammar Duffus as Peter, Shaka Kalokoh as Edmund, Robyn Sinclair as Susan and newcomer Delainey Hayles as Lucy.

We will be booking tickets for the whole family this summer and maybe a second trip just before Christmas as well. This would also make a great gift to enjoy with a friend. A real classic that's uplifting and life-affirming. I think sometimes we all need to step away from life and into a beautifully told and captivating story in theatre.