Winter's Tale Full Cast Announced For Shakespeare’s Globe

Published Fri, 30 December 2022

The new revival of Winter’s Tale will run from 9 February to 16 April at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse and the Globe Theatre. It will be a unique production taking place across both stages.

The audience will get the chance to travel between the two Thameside locations during the course of a performance, and the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse will be transformed into aristocratic Sicilia and Shakespeare’s Globe into pastoral Bohemia.

Performances begin in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse and continue in the Globe Theatre, where the audiences will be guided.

The story follows King Leontes as he becomes falsely suspicious of his wife Hermione‘s infidelity with his best friend, and ultimately banishes their child from Sicilia.

Blinded by jealousy, Leontes makes a series of catastrophic decisions that tear his family apart..

Sixteen years have passed, can time bring healing and reconciliation?

Sergo Vares will star in the role of Leontes, accompanied by:

John Lightbody as Polixenes, Ed Gaughan as Autolycus, Jacoba Williams as Perdita, Nadine Higgin as Paulina, Beruce Khan as Camillo, Sarah Slimani as Florizel, Bea Segura as Hermione, Colm Gormley as Antigonus/the Old Shepherd, Samuel Creasey as the Young Shepherd, and Toby Barnett-Jones and George Robinson in the role of Mamillius.

The play is directed by Sean Holmes, composition and music direction is done by Laura Moody, design by Grace Smart, and movement direction by Tamsin Hurtado-Clarke. Richard Jones will be a musician for the show.

Joining the creative team are assistant director Roberta Zurich, candle consultant Anna Watson, children's casting consultant Verity Naughton, globe associate for movement Glynn MacDonald, head of casting Becky Paris, head of voice Tess Dignan, and season voice coach Katherine Heath.

Join the unforgettable journey of exploring the destructive and redemptive power of love.



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