Shakespeare's Globe Announces Cast Of The Comedy of Errors

Published Thu, 6 April 2023

The cast has been revealed for the new production of Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors.

The tale of mistaken identities will run at the Globe Theatre from 12 May to 29 July 2023, with an opening night on 18 May.

Two pairs of twins are separated by a shipwreck and find themselves in rival cities. Twenty years later, they inadvertently cross paths which starts a series of chaotic events leading towards an extraordinary finale.

The Comedy of Error's cast will include:

Claire Benedict as Abbess, Matthew Broome as Antipholus of Ephesus, Michael Elcock as Antipholus of Syracuse, Philip Cumbus as Duke / Pinch, Laura Hanna as Adriana, George Fouracres as Dromio of Ephesus, Hari MacKinnon as Angelo, Jordan Metcalfe as Dromio of Syracuse, Phoebe Naughton as Courtesan / First Merchant / Balthazar, Danielle Phillips as Luce / Second Merchant / Messenger, Paul Rider as Egeon, and Jessica Whitehurst as Luciana.

Shakespeare’s comedy will be directed by associate artistic director Sean Holmes also known for directing The Tempest and The Winter’s Tale.

The rest of the creative team consists of Naeem Hayat as associate director, Grant Olding as composer, Megan Cassidy and Jackie Orton as costume supervisors, Tamsin Hurtado Clarke as movement director, Paul Wills as designer, and Maisie Carter as fight director. Simon Trinder was in charge of text, Becky Paris of casting, and Gary Horner of voice.

Director Sean Holmes commented:

“With The Comedy of Errors, I’m looking forward immensely to creating a pulsating and chaotic Elizabethan world perfectly suited to the Globe’s unique architecture. Though nominally set in Ephesus, the play clearly draws on the energy and chaos of the streets of Shakespeare’s London. The production will strive to recreate that vitality and danger, embracing the specificities of costume, props and design to transport us 400 years into the past, while continuing to speak to now.”