Michael Ball's Triumphant Return To West End With Beloved Musical

Published Wed, 31 May 2023

Michael Ball is thrilled to make his long-awaited return to the West End with the musical that catapulted him into stardom. The renowned theatre star gained fame in 1989 with his rendition of "Love Changes Everything" from "Aspects Of Love." Now, decades later, he finds himself singing the beloved tune once again as the show receives a revival in London. Ball expresses his delight, describing the opportunity as a "dream come true."

In 1989, "Love Changes Everything," composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, introduced Michael Ball to the world as a heartthrob of musical theatre. With the revival of "Aspects Of Love," Ball has the chance to reprise his role and relive the transformative experience. Reflecting on the significance of the show, he acknowledges that it profoundly changed his life and emphasizes the extraordinary nature of revisiting it after 34 years.

Adjustments were necessary to stage the production in today's climate, particularly concerning sensitive themes like lust and propriety. Ball explains that the character of Jenny, his daughter, has been aged up from 15 to 18 to navigate the complexities of the present day. The focus now centers on Jenny's empowerment, highlighting her agency as a woman.

The conversation surrounding mental health is also brought to the forefront. Ball reveals that despite his career flourishing in the late '80s, he experienced anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. He regrets not seeking help at the time and emphasizes the importance of maintaining well-being and finding strategies to overcome negative thought patterns.

Ball was relieved when Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber attended an early preview of the revival. The renowned composer approached Ball with tears in his eyes, embracing him and expressing gratitude. Ball finds humor in the unusual display of emotions from Lloyd Webber and is determined to make the esteemed composer proud.

Ball jokingly warns theatergoers to "behave themselves" during the upcoming shows, particularly during the iconic "Love Changes Everything." He hopes the audience will resist the temptation to join in and instead enjoy a seamless and enjoyable evening.

"Aspects Of Love" will run at London's Lyric Theatre until November 11th, providing audiences with the opportunity to witness Michael Ball's triumphant return to the West End.