New Musical: Frankie Goes to Bollywood Announced

Published Tue, 27 June 2023

Rifco Theatre Company, in collaboration with Watford Palace Theatre and HOME Manchester, has unveiled their latest musical production titled "Frankie Goes to Bollywood." The upcoming show revolves around the journey of a British South Asian woman who finds herself thrust into the grandeur of the world's largest film industry. Pravesh Kumar has crafted the book for this musical, while the captivating melodies and music are composed by Niraj Chag. Tasha Taylor Johnson has contributed her talents by penning the lyrics and songs, and the imaginative costume designs are the work of Andy Kumar.

Pravesh Kumar, the artistic director of Rifco, shares his inspiration behind the production, stating, "During my tenure in Bollywood spanning a decade, I encountered numerous stories of aspiring individuals with dreams of stardom, only to be consumed and discarded by the industry's nepotistic machinery. The objectification of women persists as a prevalent issue within this domain. I aspired to weave a narrative that sheds light on these concerns, while still celebrating the essence of Bollywood that we hold dear. This show encapsulates the vibrancy of a Bollywood musical, intertwined with humor and larger-than-life characters. However, it is crucial that we confront the industry's shadows and reveal its darker aspects."

"Frankie Goes to Bollywood" is scheduled to premiere at Watford Palace Theatre in April of next year, after which it will make its way to HOME Manchester as part of their 2023-24 season. The season also features other noteworthy productions such as "Kathy and Stella Solve a Murder!" along with a fresh adaptation of Jonathan Harvey's "Beautiful Thing" and a captivating rendition of "Little Women." Further details, including tour dates, cast members, and the creative team involved in the musical, will be disclosed in due course.