Shoreditch Town Hall declared the names of year 2020’s amazing shows

Published Fri, 11 October 2019

In season 2020, following shows will be featured in Shoreditch Town Hall

The Claim
The show returns to Shoreditch Town Hall after running successfully at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at Roundabout Paines Plough. Written by Tim Cowbury and directed by Mark Maughan the play explores the difficulties and challenges of those seeking refuge in UK. The show will be entertaining the audience from 18 February to 22 March in Shoreditch Town Hall at 8:00pm.

Sex Education
Award winning Sex Education by Harry Clayton-Wright was inaugurated by the Marlborough Theatre, Shoreditch Town Hall and with support from Arts Council England, premiering to sell out spectators in London from 17 to 27 March.

The Last of the Pelican Daughters
The Last of the Pelican Daughters by Wardrobe Ensemble is a captivating piece of theatre, scheduled to be premiered in London from Monday 23 March to Friday 27 March at 7:45pm (Mon-Fri) and at 2:30pm (Thu).  After the hit show, Education, Education, Education on the West End, Wardrobe Ensemble returned to the Edinburgh Fringe with their new family drama, The Last of the Pelican Daughters, for the first time in 2019. 

These Hills Are Ours
Written and performed by Daniel Bye and Boff Whalley, These Hills are Ours is about proclaiming wild spaces in story and in song. This incredible piece of work will run in Town Hall from 31 March to 3 April.

Scottee: Class
This show is generally described as  it’s a show for the middle classes. Schedule for Scottee’s Class in Shoreditch Town Hall is from 21 April to 7 May at 8:00pm.

Is This A Room: Reality Winner verbatim Transcription
Conceived as a play and directed by Tina Satter/Half Straddle the show is based on a true story of 25 years old Air Force linguist, Reality Winner who was interrogated and charged with leaking evidence to Russian interference in U.S elections.  The show will be premiered in London by London International Festival of Theatre in Shoreditch Town Hall from 02 June to 13 June at 7:45pm.

This Time
Ockham’s razor’s superb artists perform with fascinating aerial equipment created exclusively for the piece, This Time exhibits time and transformation and the ups and downs of family relationships, and implores how we are strong in different ways at different times of life. The show will run from 08 Jan to 19 Jan. The running time of the show is 70 minutes.

A capital redevelopment project is also planned to be initiated by the theatre, to make the building easily approachable for the public.

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