Full Cast of The Pretty Woman Announced for the West End Premiere

Published Fri, 10 January 2020

Pretty Woman musical is based on the 1990s blockbuster of the same name starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Directed by Garry Marshall and written by J.F Lawton, the romantic comedy won the hearts of million people overnight all across the globe. The film turned out to be the highest grossing romantic comedy in the US ever, and its famous soundtrack,”oh, Pretty Woman” was cherished by everyone, young and old. The musical adaptation is all set to warm the hearts of the audience on 13th February 2020 at Piccadilly Theatre.

The names of the artists performing in the musical has been announced, Rachael Wooding as Kit De Luca, Neil McDermott as Philip Stuckey, Bob Harms as Happy Man/Mr Thompson and Mark Holden as James Morse while the names of Aimie Atkinson and Danny Mac have already been revealed. The full cast of The pretty Woman consists of Kimberly Blake, Ben Darcy, Andy Barke, Olly Christopher, Jemma Alexander, Alex Charles, Paige Fenlon, Oliver Brenin, Nicholas Duncan, Katie Bradley, Serina Mathew, Hannah Ducharme, Matt Jones, Daniel De Bourg, Antony Hewitt, Charlotte Elisabeth Yopretty womanrke, Alex Hammond, Joanna Woodward, Damon Gould, Lily Wang and Katie Monks.

Jerry Mitchell (Kinky Boots) is the director and choreographer of the show and the memorable music is given by Grammy Award winner Canadian singer-songwriter Bryan Adams in collaboration with Jim Vallance. The super talented Bryan Adam’s original score takes the show to the new heights of entertainment. A nine-member orchestra consisting of keyboards, guitars, bass, drums, violin, viola, and cello is used in the show making it truly an alluring musical. The creative team of The Pretty Woman includes Tom Rogers (Costumes), Josh Marquette (Hair design), Kenneth Posner and Philip S Rosenberg (Lighting design), David Rockwell (Scenic design), Will Van Dyke (Music supervision, arrangements and orchestrations) and John Shivers (Sound design).

The premier of The Pretty Woman is on 13th February at Piccadilly Theatre.