Cinderella is arriving at the West End this summer

Published Tue, 14 January 2020

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical, Cinderella will begin its run in September 2020 at the Gillian Lynne Theatre. The musical adaptation of the iconic fairy-tale Cinderella will be premiered at the West End, after the final performance of School Of Rock at the Gillian Lynne Theatre on 1 March 2020.

Andrew Lloyd Webber said, "I have long wanted to write my own version of Cinderella but could never find a take on the classic story that really grabbed me. Emerald Fennell has written something truly exciting and original, and the moment I read her outline I knew I'd found my latest collaborator. I'm very pleased to be working with David Zippel, a hugely witty lyricist, once again.

I'm also excited to be reunited with Laurence and JoAnn, who I loved creating School of Rock with and who delivered a knock out Joseph last Summer at The London Palladium, where it rightfully returns in June."

Cinderella musical is the brainchild of Emerald Fennel, the scriptwriter who got nominated for Emmy Award because of the second season of the successful drama, Killing Eve. The musical is directed by Laurence Connor with an original new score from Andrew Lloyd Webber.  The lyrics of Cinderella are by David Zippel who got acclaimed for giving the lyrics for the musicals like City Of Angels and The Woman In White. The production is choreographed by JoAnn Hunter who also co choreographed School Of Rock and the rest of the cast, creative team and exact dates will be announced later.