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You have been summoned for jury service...

Step inside the magnificent surroundings of London County Hall and experience the intensity and drama of Agatha Christie’s gripping story of justice, passion and betrayal in a unique courtroom setting.

Leonard Vole is accused of murdering a widow to inherit her wealth. The stakes are high - will Leonard survive the shocking witness testimony, will he be able to convince the jury, and you of his innocence and escape the hangman’s noose?

Don’t miss this landmark stage production on London’s Southbank.

See you in court.


‘A palatial interior fit for the QUEEN OF CRIME’ Daily Telegraph

‘The queen of cunning has been brilliantly served.’ Daily Mail

"It’s atmospheric. It’s an event." Times

Suitable For Children

Good To Know
This is an immersive production - the actors will be in the aisles although the audience will remain seated throughout.

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London County Hall Belevedere Road, SE1 7PB

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Nearest Tube: Waterloo and Westminster
Nearest Train: Waterloo
Buses: 211, 77 and 381.

Designed by architect Ralph Knott, County Hall was officially opened by King George V and Queen Mary on 17 July 1922 after construction began prior to the First World War in 1911.
For 64 years, County Hall served as the headquarters of local government for London, initially the London County Council and later the Greater London Council.
The octagonal Council Chamber sits at the centre of County Hall, and provided seating for over 200 council members and four galleries overlooking the Chamber for the public and members of the press.

London County Hall Seat Plan

Please see below the seating plan for London County Hall showing Witness for the Prosecution. For ease of viewing we have implemented a magnified view of the seating area. All you need to do is just scroll the mouse over the seating plan.

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Before you buy the tickets to Witness for the Prosecution, it’s a great idea to take a sneak peak at the photo gallery of this fantastic West End production. Nothing compares it to the real thing and watching it live on stage, but atleast it does give you an idea of exactly what’s in store for you and what to expect. Witness for the Prosecution is one of West End’s finest productions and these images will surely give you a real flavour of the actual show. If these have whetted your appetite, then click on the book tickets button and get booking now for Witness for the Prosecution. Hope you have a fantastic time when you see it at the London County Hall.

Witness for the Prosecution Customer Feedback

2018-09-22 In the early part of the show we had a little difficulty with the actors voice projection however this did improve.
2018-09-16 Excellent production and cast with a great story
2018-09-13 Lots of twists,a very good production and realistic due to the surroundings
2018-09-13 Great actors who really show their skills in this intrigueing Agatha Christie story. The venue could have been better.
2018-09-12 We all thoroughly enjoyed it. The only downside was that the volume was fairly low so had to strain my ears to listen which hampered my enjoyment just a little bit
2018-09-09 Setting (theater) was perfect for a court room drama. Acting was excellent, The only weak moment was the meeting to exchange the letters. The dialogue was very difficult to hear. Maybe 78 year ago ears had something to do with that! Thanks for a wonderful evening..
2018-09-07 Utterly enthralling, from the first few minutes to the end. Like Morse on speed. Don't leave early! There are 3 final twists in the last 10 minutes. Staging in the County Hall is perfect for an immersive sense of being in the middle of a courtroom trial. An afternoon well spent. (Enter by the non-river side of County Hall.)
2018-09-03 The play was really great! The atmosphere as if you are sitting in the court👍. Actors play, music 👍👍, we enjoyed much!!! I saw Russian version of this play before (The Moscow Art Theater), so I can say that English version was much more impressive!!!
2018-08-16 How did Romaine Helgar manage to stab Leonard Vole . Did they use a magnet (Interested to know)
2018-08-14 Slick and engrossing performance.
2018-08-11 It was gripping, intriguing and very different. Excellent location
2018-07-22 Great venue; would definitely recommend
2018-07-15 Terrific play, but to be expected from Agatha Christie. What was also terrific was the venue 5+ stars
2018-06-21 It was amazing! The whole event was extremely impressive, the building and the courtroom was mesmerising and also easy to locate, the story and acting was capturing and I would definitely go and see it again!! An all round fantastic evening!
2018-06-19 Excellent acting with added atmosphere from being in such a truly atmospheric setting. Highly enjoyable.
2018-06-08 A really enjoyable production in very different surroundings. The acting was superb and there was the customary classic Agatha Christie twist at the end. Warning, the pillars are very large so don't risk a seat with a restricted view.
2018-06-01 I thought the production was excellent. However, the information on the ticket was confusing ad didn't tell us which door to enter to find our seat. I walked back and forth trying to find where to sit and that is not easy for my husband who has mobility difficulties. Also, it was incredibly hot and stuffy in our seats - surely it would have been possible to have some basic air conditioning.
2018-05-28 Wonderful play in a very atmospheric setting
2018-05-10 We so enjoyed the show! The acting was terrific, the ambience of the County Hall really worked, the smooth scene changes, Christie twist at the end...a wonderful evening!
2018-04-22 Simply wonderful!!!!! Must go!!!
2018-04-10 Excellent performance. Brilliantly realised venue and stage.
2018-04-06 Thoroughly enjoyed the performance and the settting.
2018-04-06 The acting was excellent and the audience was completely caught up in the story and characters. My son, who is 14, and I both really enjoyed it.

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