St Giles in the Fields

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  • Nearest Tube: Tottenham Court Road

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St Giles has long been, as  Peter Ackroyd puts it, a place of ‘entrance and exit’, whether for those arriving in the capital for the great medieval fairs of the city of London, for the condemned men and women making their way west to their executions at Tyburn or, more prosaically, for the thousands of tourists who pour into London from the underground station beneath St Giles Circus.  Its position at one of the great crossroads of London has given St Giles much of its character and indelibly shaped its history.

St Giles-in-the-Fields is served by a full-time parish priest, Rev. Tom Sander; a stipendiary curate, Rev. Phillip Dawson, and an associate priest, Rev. Chris Smaling.  The church administration is overseen by the parochial church council (PCC) and the churchwardens, who are elected annually. The PCC is supported by a parish administrator, and a small team of part-time staff.  Church music is led and overseen by our Director Of Music, Jonathan Bunney